Eddie is worried about Abby. After antisemitic magical thinkers staged an anti-vaccination protest in Chicago’s Loop, she isolated herself from a world in which they’re already quarantined. Her grandfather was a Nazi scientist after all, scooped up by the Americans after the Second World War. He contributed to their missile program. Eddie thought Abby should use her trust fund money to buy land in Wisconsin and farm hemp but she followed her heart into bankruptcy and he can hardly fault her. Then the pandemic pulled the rug out from under them and she’s been digging up long buried texts on an obscure sect of Christian Communists ever since.

Abby is also worried about Abby. She’s also worried about Eddie. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck as a bar tender and the world is beset by a plague of historic proportions, watching Congress reward rich people could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It becomes increasingly difficult to make sense of the world, which may explain why he asked her to objectify herself online for anyone with a credit card and time to burn. She thinks the pressure is getting to him. The roof is caving in, after all, and clearly we should all be reading more books, and a wider variety of them.

We know who Abby and Eddie are worried about, but is the world worried about Abby and Eddie?

This is the first in a series of books written and published by author Keith M. Judge that follows on the heels of 10 years of research on the intersections of World Capital, authoritarianism and the contemporary nation state. Topics include COVID19, the status quo, fascism, the destruction of Nature, industrialization, monopolies, Marxism, American Libertarianism, central banking, debt, iniquity, the measure of wealth, the function of currency in society, Capitalism, the gold standard, cryptocurrency, Ponzi schemes, disinformation, the American party system and the connections between mercantilism and human captivity. Protagonists include epidemiologists; a presidential nominee of several third party tickets, Peter Cooper; the escaped human captive and autodidact, Frederick Douglass; and Non-Partisan League gubernatorial candidate for Minnesota, Charles August Lindbergh Sr., who indicted the first Federal Reserve Board for its unconstitutional character, and for conspiring to “devise a means through social, political, and other ways of strategy and by general chicanery, to deceive the people of The United States.” Antagonists include corporate shills who pose as journalists, economics professors, Donald Trump and his company men, Alexander Hamilton and his Federalists, slavers and Capitalists, so-called representatives, Plato, J.P. Morgan and G. Edward Griffin. A section published under a creative commons license in March 2021, “COVID & The Status Quo,” may be the first published instance of an author having predicted the pandemic won’t abate so long as public health is flouted, vaccines are rejected, resources are distributed from a central authority and trade is global.

No single part reveals the entirety of this book, but each part is necessary to the whole. There is no escaping this story: it follows us on our way to work and watches us as we sleep. Enter a stained-glass window depicting a fractal of human folly in the American idiom.